At the Ocean

I’ve been captivated by the power of visuals from a young age. At 20, I took the plunge and invested in my first camera and a trio of lenses. Within a year, I landed my inaugural gig as a crime police photographer—an experience that would shape my career unexpectedly.

As the new millennium dawned, I pivoted toward a more intimate exploration of photography, delving into the worlds of headshots and portraits. This shift marked a profound realization: true beauty lies not in external appearances but within the depths of one’s character.

As a seasoned stock and lifestyle photographer, I’ve honed my expertise in capturing evocative, expressive portraits. My work resonates with those who value emotional depth and sensitivity. Yet, even as I capture stunning images, I’m driven by an insatiable desire to surpass my expectations, relentlessly pursuing the elusive “perfect shot.”

I’m inspired by the enigmatic forces that propel life forward and the intangible realms where higher beings dwell. I can’t help but wonder: what might their perceptions of beauty, photography, and art be? And how might those insights transform our understanding of aesthetics?

Damir Španić