Photography & Videography


Have you been scouring the web for the perfect visual experience? Look no further. Contact me, and let’s arrange a photoshoot! drone, cameras, and lighting, all seamlessly orchestrated for you. Wedding photography is my secret passion. I like to shoot small urban weddings. 

Beautiful Woman with binoculars
Roman Soldier

Video and Film

Embrace the power of motion. Outpace your rivals with vibrant, captivating videos that showcase your products or services in a truly cinematic light.

Aerial Photo and Video

Elevate your perspective with stunning aerial photography and videography. Make a lasting impression with sweeping views, like the breathtaking Marjan hill on the Adriatic Sea. Unlock the full potential of your imagination through the magic of drone imagery.

Marjan Hill


Professional and Passionate

I deliver as per written contract. I deliver on time.

Yes! I can design and deliver printed promotional material depending on your need.
Do not leave your walls blank. Frame your memories. 

Yes I can but I prefer not to. 

I have extensive experience. I started 1989.

No. I deliver edited JPEG files and edited video clips.